Mastering Minecraft

Mastering Minecraft: A Complete Course in Command Blocks

The “best” command block tutorial on the internet! This series will cover EVERYTHING from very basic concepts to the most advanced. It is structured like a class with vocabulary, occasional practice “homework,” fun and engaging graphics (very high “production values”), and structured unit/lesson plans! I am designing this series in a way that I believe it will be the ABSOLUTE best way to learn command blocks. For more info, watch the introduction video and/or read the transcription.
[This is an ongoing series with very infrequent uploads as the episodes take quite a long time to produce]

SAVED: Youtube's Gems

SAVED: Youtube’s Gems

SAVED: Youtube’s Gems brings you the best Minecraft content the web has to offer! In May 2014, I started compiling a list of EPIC PROPORTIONS with the most interesting, original, or any other quality I can list, that I felt put it among the most valuable technical Minecraft videos (redstone, command blocks, etc) on the entire internet. I still keep adding to this list every day and it essentially contains what I consider to be the internet’s greatest technical Minecraft videos ever made. This series, like Mastering Minecraft, has “very high production values,” and seeks to get everyone involved with the community as well as to extend the “reach” of the average viewer.
[This is an ongoing series]

TRS's World

TRS’s World

TRS’s World is my monumentally ambitious singleplayer-survival Let’s Play world. Why is it “monumentally ambitious?” In this world we tackle, among hundreds of other more technical projects, our base known as “The Basin;” a 200×200 giant bowl with tons of special features (that are yet to be revealed 😉 ). The main part of the base however… is what is underneath… Join me on my puzzling, humorous, and often perilous journey to sculpt this world to the limits of our imagination! (Psst.. tons of major projects are yet to be revealed!)
[This is an ongoing series]