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Welcome to the Official Website of The Redstone Scientist (TRS)!

My channel is all about everything redstone, command blocks, mapmaking, and let's plays!

My biggest contribution to the Minecraft community is "The Vanilla Cutscene Generator" and "CutscenePRO." It allows you to easily and precisely add cutscenes and entity paths to your maps! It has received quite a bit of attention and is one of the major mapmaking tools out there. Click on "Cutscene Generator" in the menu to see more info.

My old "claim-to-fame series" is called Mastering Minecraft: A Complete Course in Command Blocks! I also do a Singleplayer Vanilla Series called TRS's World. I occasionally do Let's Plays of Custom Maps so contact me if you would like me to play your map! And, of course, I make command block contraptions. Not to mention a really great series called SAVED: Youtube's Gems where I showcase the best technical Minecraft videos on the internet and teach you what you can learn from them!
I am also a professional stage and voice actor! I provide my voice acting services for FREE for minecraft maps, machinimas, and any other minecraft related projects!
Enjoy Yourself!